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Simplify FATCA & CRS reporting

ReportGenie is a trusted software solution that streamlines the reporting process for the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Use ReportGenie's software for a simple, 4-step process and never miss a reporting deadline.

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Compliant FATCA & CRS submissions in 4 easy steps

Step 1 of FATCA & CRS submissions

Populate the submission template

Download our intuitive Excel submission template and populate the relevant account holder information, such as name and address information, Tax Identification Number and financial information.
Step 2 of FATCA & CRS submissions

Upload the submission template

Data validation is carried out automatically - ReportGenie will show you any errors, warnings and any missing data. Make changes to your submission template and upload as many times as you need.
Step 3 of FATCA & CRS submissions

Download the submission document

Review the built-in report summary of your data - once everything looks shipshape, hit one button to generate and download the submission-ready document.
Step 4 of FATCA & CRS submissions

Upload your submission document to the relevant tax portal

You are now ready to submit to your local tax portal. The submission document is guaranteed to be schema-compliant.

Reduce compliance risk by taking control of your submissions

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TIN validation feature panel

Proactive data quality checks

Minimise errors with TIN validation

Don't leave data quality to chance! One of the main sources of corrections from local or receiving tax authorities are invalid or incorrectly formatted Tax Identification Numbers (TINs).

ReportGenie's powerful TIN validation identifies potentially incorrect country-specific TINs and provides you with warnings and guidance prior to the final submission. Not only can you minimise the likelihood of corrections, but you can incorporate ReportGenie TIN validation as part of your client screening and onboarding process to capture issues and improve the quality of your data at source.

Full control

Quick and easy code-free corrections

ReportGenie has complete support for full and partial corrections and deletions, using the same simple and intuitive template and 4-step process.

Simply start with the original submission and use ReportGenie's template to make the required changes. ReportGenie builds schema compliant submission document with all the correct markers set.  

Code free FATCA CRS corrections panel
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A client-focused partner in software development

"By utilising ReportGenie's TIN validation, we have been able to pre-validate our submissions greatly reducing the likelihood of corrections or resubmisisons in the future, resulting in significant time savings. The ease of uploading pre-mapped templates has greatly simplified the process and ReportGenie's jurisdiction-specific XML output is consistently updated to meet the latest requirements, making it a dependable tool for our business needs. We will continue working with Cortex as a client-focused partner."

Kim Hunt
Accounts Manager, Rocq Capital
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Consistently stays updated with evolving requirements

“Cortex makes our CRS & FATCA reporting simple. They possess an extensive knowledge of the industry and consistently stay updated with evolving requirements. ReportGenie has proven to be a valuable time and effort-saving tool for us since it facilitates iterative and code-free modifications to ensure our reporting is valid and compliant.”

Chris Parott
Director, Sphere Management Limited
dedicated support panel

Worry-free reporting

Extra help where you need it

ReportGenie is designed to be completely self-service. The software is user-friendly and there is no complex onboarding process. But if you need a little extra help, ReportGenie's team are on hand to support you and your organisation through the whole process, including pre-validating the submissions at the tax authority portal where possible.

Data protection is built-in

Keep your data yours

ReportGenie is GDPR compliant with privacy by design and by default built-in from the ground up. Your sensitive data is never stored other than temporarily in memory solely to create submissions. It is immediately purged after creating the submission.

Data protection panel

Spend less time on regulatory reporting

Get in touch today to discover more about ReportGenie and start streamlining your reporting process.

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